When it comes to safety, no part of your vehicle is more important than the brakes. They should be inspected at least once a year to determine the condition of the hydraulic system and operating hardware. While the entire braking system requires attention, the friction components (pads, shoes, rotors and drums) require constant attention because they wear down each time you apply your brakes.

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Oil Changes & Tune Ups

Make sure your ride stays lubed up and tuned up give us a call!

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Engine Repair

We do it all from Transmission swap to total engine overhaul to simply swapping a spark plug we do it all give us a call!

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Our Complete Service List!

Complete Computer Safety Analysis, Drivability Problems, Diagnostics Complete Safety Analysis, Tune Ups,Oil Changes, Tires, Brake repair, Mufflers and exhaust systems, Steering and Suspensions, Alignments,Boat repair on inboard & outboard motors